My Doodles

  This is a page displaying some of my drawings, paintings, ect.  I’ll add more every once in a while.

jensdrawing.jpg                                  octopus.jpg


 fieldsandmountains.jpg                                   giraffes.jpg


girl.jpg                                    hotdog.jpg




8 Responses to “My Doodles”

  1. I love your art gallery addition, Jen. What a great idea!

  2. 2 Sam

    The third one down “Fields and Mountains” is pretty cool! Sam

  3. Thanks, Sam. 😀

  4. i think the fields and mountains is good, too. i may copy your idea and copy some of my artwork on my site too. great idea. -laycee

  5. Mmm hmmm…I’m supposed to be updating this but I don’t feel like it. ha…poor me.

  6. Jenga:

    I think you get your artistic talent from your Grandpa Contino. He liked to draw. I do too and so does Jeremy. Good pictures.

    Aunt Kiki

  7. I like the giraffes! They are so whimsical!

    The colorful fields are beautiful, as well.

    Auntie Krissy

  8. Hey Jen,

    You need to add some more stuff to your art gallery. The world is waiting!

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