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Hi Everybody: I will be leaving for Colombus, Ohio on Wednesday.  I’m going to General Conference!! (For the United Pentecostal Church)  Pray that everything goes well with the trip, and other things that will be going on there.  I’m beginning to look forward to it.  It should be fun, and I might get to see […]

The New Pool


I know my Mom made a post about our new pool on her blog, but I wanted to do one too!  I got to go in with my brother for the first time yesterday.  It’s great!  We got some goggles, a    body board, and a boogie board to float on.  Sometimes we play Marco Polo, […]

We had good church tonight with evangelist Bro. Randy Fries (pronouced like freeze) and family.  It’s the first night of revival for our church.  He has 2 little girls.  After church, they came over to our house.  The oldest daughter, (four years old) was jumping on my bed!  Ha!  She started messing around with the phone.  […]

Don’t Drink


 So many kids get killed today because they are drinking, or because others are drinking.  Be smart, don’t start, and live for God. ———————————– >I went to a party, >And remembered what you said. >You told me not to drink, Mom, >so I had a sprite instead. > >I felt proud of myself, >The way […]