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Here is a CRAZY picture of all the snow from the CRAZY weather they’ve been having back East.  This is in Oswega, NY.  My uncle sent this to us.  I’m glad we don’t get snow where I live. lol Advertisements

We had good church tonight with evangelist Bro. Randy Fries (pronouced like freeze) and family.  It’s the first night of revival for our church.  He has 2 little girls.  After church, they came over to our house.  The oldest daughter, (four years old) was jumping on my bed!  Ha!  She started messing around with the phone.  […]

Any of you have young kids, or a little brother or sister?  Well maybe if you show them this picture, they will stop with one of their “bad” habits.

  I have heard that the average person swallows a certain amount of spiders in their sleep in a life time.  I didn’t really believe it, until this morning.  It was early, and I half woke up to feel something on my mouth.  I pulled it off, and realized it was hard.  ‘Oh No!  It’s a bug’, […]

For Misty


This is about Misty, my little dog.  She’s funny, loves to play, and REALLY loves to eat.  We have had her for over three years now, and boy, she has had some odd things happen to her.  1. A heavy pogo stick landed on her head. 2. Had surgery about 4 or 5 times. 3. […]