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Once again…


…I am at a loss for words.  lol  I don’t really know what to post about right now.  I guess I’ll just tell you about my weekend.  This past Saturday, my dad and little brother went to Hilary Aviation Museum in San Carlos, CA.  My mom and I decided to go shopping and just get […]

Talk about sunny California.  It’s been cold and rainy, and it’s supposed to rain all week.  From where I’m sitting, I can look through the window and see the rain splashing into the pool, making all sorts of little dots and ripples in the water.  It looks pretty cool!  I have lots of studying to […]

It seems weird that it’s almost 2007….I was just 8 years old…what happened??!!  I’ve been thinking I want to get out of the house for a vacation and do something EXCITING!!!  I know Christmas is coming up, but everyday latley just seems “same ol’ same ol’.”  Maybe I’m imagining it, or maybe it’s because I […]

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my blogging friends, and anyone else out there reading this.  Hope you all have a wonderful day…And don’t eat too much!   Also, I’d like you all to remember the Bonham family in prayer.  I got an email from my friend Nola Bonham, asking everyone to pray for her Mother, who […]

Maxium Velocity


Sorry I haven’t posted in a few, but I’m ready to again.  On Friday night, and on Saturday afternoon, I went to the youth/church conference entitled “Maximum Velocity.”  Youth from the more northern parts of California joined together to worship God.  Rev. Darin Sargent preached the word of God to us young people.  What a […]

Wow.  Today was a long, fun, tiring day.  We spent the majority of the day at Dell’Osso Farms Pumkin Patch.  It was a homeschoolers field trip for the group that we are in.  At this pumpkin patch they have some really neat things to do, like shooting little pumpkins at targets through a “pumpkin blaster,” pedaling go […]

This weekend was pretty cool!  The Buxton’s were with us for dinner on Saturday evening, and my uncle has been staying with us.  I like company.  On Sunday at church, Jerry Buxton, or Brother Buxton, we call him, shared his testimony.  What a great story!  When the doctors didn’t think he would live, God had […]