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    +         =  Jen is a little bored and wants to make a new post…  SO I am!!  Since I like ice-cream a lot, I decided to post about it.  I don’t know if they have Cold Stone Creamery everywhere,But out here in California they’re all over.  I think it’s one of the most […]

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my blogging friends, and anyone else out there reading this.  Hope you all have a wonderful day…And don’t eat too much!   Also, I’d like you all to remember the Bonham family in prayer.  I got an email from my friend Nola Bonham, asking everyone to pray for her Mother, who […]

Awesome Uncles


I’d like to wish my uncle Dean in New York a very happy birthday!  This is a little late, since his birthday was on the 29th.  I love my uncle.  He has a good heart and he’s always so nice to me!  All my uncles are awesome.  I have 7 uncles altogether on both sides, […]

Q:  What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on it?   A:  Nothing, he just let out a little wine…. 😀

Since I have a chance, I wanted to make a short post for today.  I started school yesterday.  We didn’t do much for the first day, because I had an ortho appointment at 2:00.  I got my braces changed to pink!  I think I like them better now.  Anyhow, school for today was a lot […]