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Abby and I


On Saturday, March 17th,  I got to see some of my family, including my little cousin, Abby.  Here’s two pictures of us together….                 Advertisements

Once again…


…I am at a loss for words.  lol  I don’t really know what to post about right now.  I guess I’ll just tell you about my weekend.  This past Saturday, my dad and little brother went to Hilary Aviation Museum in San Carlos, CA.  My mom and I decided to go shopping and just get […]

This is my little cousin Abby, odviously very happy, at Burger King.  My Uncle sent me the picture.  I miss her.

Last Christmas


Well my mom assigned me to writing a post about a favorite Christmas memory. (Creative writing, she says) lol!  I don’t think I really have a favorite Christmas memory, but I do have a favorite Christmas, and that would have to be last year.  It was a family reunion, and I saw family that I […]

It seems weird that it’s almost 2007….I was just 8 years old…what happened??!!  I’ve been thinking I want to get out of the house for a vacation and do something EXCITING!!!  I know Christmas is coming up, but everyday latley just seems “same ol’ same ol’.”  Maybe I’m imagining it, or maybe it’s because I […]

Ms. Grinch


 Here is my cousin Natalie (Ms. Grinch) last year at Christmas                    getting ready to open all of her presents. She’s making a funny face.  (It runs in our family to take those kinds of pictures)         She’s a silly little thing, cute, and she knows it!!