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Here is a CRAZY picture of all the snow from the CRAZY weather they’ve been having back East.  This is in Oswega, NY.  My uncle sent this to us.  I’m glad we don’t get snow where I live. lol Advertisements

I’ve been tagged by my Mom to start a “5 things” list.  Here are five things some of you don’t know about me: 1.  I am amused very easily, which usually results in a “laughing fit.”  I love to laugh, and I am known for it!!! 2.  When I was about 10 years old, my […]

Maxium Velocity


Sorry I haven’t posted in a few, but I’m ready to again.  On Friday night, and on Saturday afternoon, I went to the youth/church conference entitled “Maximum Velocity.”  Youth from the more northern parts of California joined together to worship God.  Rev. Darin Sargent preached the word of God to us young people.  What a […]

This weekend was pretty cool!  The Buxton’s were with us for dinner on Saturday evening, and my uncle has been staying with us.  I like company.  On Sunday at church, Jerry Buxton, or Brother Buxton, we call him, shared his testimony.  What a great story!  When the doctors didn’t think he would live, God had […]

After a few months for a break, we are starting to study again for our Bible quizzing!  I’m excited!  This year, the theme is “Heroes of Faith.”  We will be memorizing about Noah and the ark, Abraham, Jacob wrestling with the angel, Joseph, Rahab hiding the spies, Joshua destroying Jericho, Gideon, Ruth, David and Goliath, […]

The New Pool


I know my Mom made a post about our new pool on her blog, but I wanted to do one too!  I got to go in with my brother for the first time yesterday.  It’s great!  We got some goggles, a    body board, and a boogie board to float on.  Sometimes we play Marco Polo, […]

Sorry everyone…I’ve been gone a while, but I’m doing a blog post now.  Last Monday thru Friday, I was at Jr. Youth Camp, at Camp Sylvester, in Sonora, CA.  FUN!  I got to meet a lot of new people, and get to know other people even better.  We have really good church there.  I got there, […]