Blogspot or WordPress?


I’ve had a WordPress blog for over a year, but it seems like Blogspot is getting more popular.  I decided to try it out.  Here’s my newest blog!  I’m finding that I like it a lot, and it seems to have many more flexibilites.  I can make my blog look almost however I want it to look, and with using WordPress, I can’t.  I pick a theme that a billion other people have, because you can’t customize it like you can on Blogspot.  But—it seems there are a lot of people who seem to really like WordPress.  So, what are your opinions?  Do you like WordPress?  Or Blogspot?  If you like one better than the other, why?  Just wondering.  Throw in your comments!


2 Responses to “Blogspot or WordPress?”

  1. I like WordPress, maybe because that’s where I started. I used to be on group blog with Blogger and I still have an account but I can’t access it, because it got stuck half-way between upgrades when Google bought Blogger. Then, they associated it with gmail (also Google owned) where I have an account as Poetry Editor for the Dead Mule, so I always come up as deadmule on Blogger. I’d rather be Helen.

  2. 2 Jen

    I started on WordPress too. I guess I just like that Blogger seems to have more options. I’ll probably be post on my other blog more often than this one.

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