Not Guilty


This past Friday, some members of our home-school group headed up to a law school in Stockton.  A mock trial had been put together and the participants were nervous!  Well–at least I was.  I was the head defense attorney, and the other defense attorneys with me were Zach Kolej, and and Emily Courtney.  We were defending who?  *Drum-Roll*  Peter Pan!  He was accused of kidnapping the Darling children one night, but the defense had evidence that Peter Pan was indeed, NOT guilty! 

As the trial began to take place, the jury filed into the room, and the judge took his seat at the head of the room.  While the jury, defense, prosecution, witnesses, ballif, and court clerk were all part the home-school group, the judge was not.  An audience of parents and friends were gathered together to watch the trial take place.  The judge then began speaking, the defense and prosecution introduced themselves, and the lead attorney of the prosecution  was then asked to give his opening statement.  Following immediatley after the opening statement of the prosecution,  I gave an opening statement for the defense.  I don’t think I stumbled over my lines, (I was reading them since I didn’t memorize them) and I tried to read loud and clear.  Once I got through that, the prosecution called their first witness to the stand, and questioning and cross examination began. 

On my part, I made an objection once, which was sustainted, cross examined the arresting officer, and called Peter Pan to the stand to question him.  After all of the questioning and cross examination was over, closing statements were given by Sarah Courtney (prosecution) and Zach Kolej (defense.)  The judge made a brief statement to the Jury, reviewing the charges and then instructing them to the jury room to decide their verdict.  All the lawyers took a 15 minute break while this was going on, and a refreshment room had been prepared for us—Thank God!  The cookies were good.  😀 

Everyone re-assembled into the court room.  The jury filed back in.  The atmosphere was tense, with people wondering, is he guilty, or not guilty?  “Order in the court, all rise,” came the command.  Everyone rose to their feet, and the judge asked to see the verdict before it was read. 

 “We find the accused, Peter Pan, not guilty of the charge of unlawfully taking Wendy, John, and Michael Darling to Neverland.”

 YAAAAY!  Defense had been successful!  We had a little In N Out celebration later that night. 🙂

 Here are some pics from the trial:


(L)-Me (R) Emily


Prosecution questioning


Peter Pan in the stand


Defense closing statement


The judge

After the trial, the judge answered many questions, pointed some things out to everybody, and was very friendly and helpful.  He seemed to be a good judge, and made the trial a big success. 


7 Responses to “Not Guilty”

  1. Hi Jen, This sounds like a good way to learn about trials and juries. Glad the judge was approachable. And I am so glad Peter wasn’t sent off to jail. I always liked him. 🙂

  2. Yes, it was good that Peter Pan was not guilty. Yes, it was good that DEFENSE came through. Yes, it was good to experience the court room. Yes, it was good the judge was nice and helpful. But, YES, IT WAS GOOD THAT YOU HAD COOKIES during the 15 minute time out and IN-N-OUT BURGERS afterward! Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. HAW!

  3. 3 Jen

    Hi Helen, hi Tom!

    Yes, it was a good way to learn. And yes, UT, it was good that we had cookies and In N Out and NOT Olive Garden! LOL

  4. How cool is that?! Gracie’s been into Peter Pan lately. Glad to know he’s not locked up!

  5. 5 Ann Mann

    Am I proud of you or what! You go girl! You defend Peter Pan! I knew all along that you would win the trial just like you have always won over the family with your wit, talent, sweetness…should I go on…he he This experience will come in handy as we defend our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and proclaim his wonderful truth and the salvation he has to offer to all who have ears to hear and hearts that are open. Okay, I’ll stop with the preaching…he he

  6. 6 Jen

    Carmen- I’m glad he’s not locked up too! =)

    Annie- Awwww! Thanks for your comment! Love you bunches!!

  7. You go Gal! I so totally enjoyed this. Who thought all this up? Peter Pan! Wendy! Did you know that Uncle Bub’s dad nicknamed me Tinkerbell? He used to buy me different bells too. I have jury duty next week, and I will be thinking about all the fun you had during your mock trial. Love ya! Aunt Kiki

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