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Just an update on me.  I’ve been feeling a little sick for the past few days.  Don’t know what it is.  It was nice this past week to visit with family from out of state.  My uncle Bob came to visit and we had a lot of fun with him, making videos of ourselves and taking funny pictures.  It’s always fun to have him out here!  Also, my Auntie Kristin’s parents came out here and we got to meet them.  They we’re fun, and I liked them alot.  We aren’t related through blood, but I guess you could say we are by marrige.  Kristin is my mom’s brother’s wife…lol  I miss their whole family, I wish they could have come out here too.  Anyhow, on Monday night we all went to Olive Garden, along with my uncle Tom and Grandma.  Bob didn’t go cause he left to go back to Chicago earlier that day.  Tom had me laughing a lot that night.  Thanks uncle Tom, I needed that.  I would like to ask you all to pray for me as I am struggling with some things right now, and I’m frustrated and confused.  It’s been very easy for me to snap at people lately, and want to be left alone.    Also, pray for me in Bible quizzing.  With everything going on, it’s been hard to memorize, and I know I need to really try and step it up and catch up.  With God’s help.  I don’t want to let my team-mates or coaches down, and I’m sorry if I already have. 

On a different note,  it looks like I’ll have my lisence by the end of April, or early May.  It would be nice to have a car too. LOL  But I need a job and I have to wait to get one for now.  If anyone decided to get rid of their car that’s in good running condition, let me know.  Hehe!  That’s all I’ll post for now.  God  Bless,



4 Responses to “Just my ramblings….”

  1. 1 Jana

    Hi, Jen – Well, I actually found your blog! LOL Sorry you haven’t been up to par. Here’s my two cents.

    You are under stress right now which causes some of your reactions. This stress is generated from many aspects. Some of these are:

    Your age – there are a gazillion hormonal changes that affect attitude and this is normal.

    Not enough rest – this is very important to your physical and mental health

    Drinking plenty of fluids – water is important to keep toxinx flushed out of your system and your brain fresh.

    Heavy schedule – school, church, BQ, and the million other things.

    All of these things affect your emotions and attitude. Now you know that understanding is power, so understand why you are feeling the way you are and you will start heading towards feeling better. I think you are probably being harder on yourself than you should. Relax, take some deep breaths, and re-focus. Start drinking more water and get rest. You might consider taking a multiple vitamin. I take Stuart Prenatal Vitamins everyday. No, I’m not pregnant, but the prenatal vitamins have a little more kick to them and they do make me feel better. You have to take them for awhile before you notice the difference. Always take them with a meal and preferrably at lunch so they don’t keep you up at night. Now feel better, cheer up, and your responses will be better, too.

    Thanks, Sis. Allard! I really appreciate you…Like you said, I need to re-focus. And I’m trying to, but I almost don’t know how.

  2. Jen: I’m sorry you’d been “a bit under.” I think many have been that way. Hopefully the worst is over. I was glad to be able to have you laugh a little at Olive Garden. You had me laughing to, but NEVER AGAIN. The way we were treated there was, well, just not up to par. (just kidding). I wish you the best with BQ and will be praying. I’m sure you haven’t let your team down, and I know you’ll do, well, WELL.

  3. Hey Jen…glad you enjoyed your visit with family. We love the Oelke’s as well…Gracie dyed easter eggs with pop Oekle last year & it made quite an impression on her. We dye eggs about once a month. :o) You don’t have to share blood to be family. That’s what the body of Christ is all about. :o)

    Hey..I tried to comment above on the Peter Pan trial but it wouldn’t process unless it did & I just didn’t know it. If so, you probably have the same comment 10 times because I clicked on submit that many times. :o)

  4. 4 Jen




    Sounds like Gracie is hooked on egg coloring! Cute…She’s an adorable little girl.

    I think the body of Christ does share blood! Jesus’ blood! That’s what makes us a family. God Bless!

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