More pics


Abby, Brady, and I on Saturday…





7 Responses to “More pics”

  1. Jen, I’m so glad you love your cousins. Who knows, maybe in the summer you can visit the Wisconsin cousins. Wouldn’t that be neat?

  2. Yeah, by MYSELF…lol

  3. I was thinking you and Paul together. I know he’d like to see his cousins too.

  4. Cool…your treat…

  5. Grandma & I thought the photos were good. Really good one of you & Abby. Hope you get to visit WI. I think you’d like it.

  6. See if you can talk her in to letting you drive, Jen. LOL LOL LOL

  7. Hey Jen! How sweet to spend time with your cousins…those cutie cousins! When you come to Wisconsin to visit your other cutie cousins, it would be great to introduce you to miss Gracie & see you myself as well. :o)

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