Abby and Brady


Today I’m going to go visit my aunt and cousins!  Last time I saw them was two Wednesdays ago at the hospital, when my aunt gave birth to Christopher Brady Mann.  I watched Abby and played with her while Annie was in labor.  Abby is a blast!  She’s gotta be the cutest, funniest two year old alive.  She has such a sense of humor for a little kid.  I’m so glad that these two are my cousins!  I wish my other cousins could be out here in Cali too.  Nick, Ben, and Natalie live in Wisconsin, and I wish they would come visit!  Or maybe I can make it up there this summer. *hint hint* 

Anyhow, here are some pictures of Abby and Brady.  The picture of Abby was taken on Christmas!


This is the newest addition to the family!  A 10 pounder!  Ouch!


I love these kids!!!!


3 Responses to “Abby and Brady”

  1. Jenga,

    It was great seeing you today and getting to hold Brady. I’ll send you some of the pix I took later. Love, Aunt Kiki

  2. You’ve got a great family, missy,and quite the cutie new addition! When you make it to the midwest, we would love to make a Wisconsin run with Uncle Bob to meet you!

  3. Hi Jen. I’m glad you love your tiny cousins. I remember Victor (about age 6) going with his cousin who was then in grad school to buy paints to paint the rocks they had collected. Each cousin’s artwork was quite different, of course, but both had such a good time. Everyone need friends (related or not) of all ages. We can learn from everyone.

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