Yet another entry


On Friday, February 29th, I will be at a law school in Stockton, CA.  Some people in our homeschool group are participating in a mock trial.  I have to memorized a lot of lines, but I can get credit for it.  It should be fun!  I have to work hard at it if I want to win.  The lead attorney for the prosecution is determined to win, but so am I.  I’m the lead attorney for the defence.  I believe everyone involved in the trial is part of our homeschool group, except for the judge.  The judge will be from the actual court there.  This is going to be interesting.  lol  It’s kind of nice though, to get involved in something again.  I haven’t done anything like this since I lived in Fairfield and was in a Christmas play called Operation Christmas Child. 

I’m still doing school work of course, cleaning, etc.  Fun fun.  lol  I had a piano lesson this morning in Hayward, and mom let me drive back.  Yay, another hour and 20 minutes to add up to my driving time.  I need to start making longer drives, so I can have 50 hours of driving complete by April of this year.  Ahhhh!!  lol 

Well that’s all for now. 



One Response to “Yet another entry”

  1. Hi Jenga:

    Wow! That sounds very interesting. Take pictures and blog about it, okay? Love ya and miss ya. Hope to see you soon, maybe on Friday if Aunt Annie has her baby then? Hope your driving lessons are going well.

    Aunt Kiki

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