Getting back to normal


I had a good Christmas with my family and friends, and a good New Year’s start too!  I’m getting back to normal now, and I just started school again today.  It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve read something for school or have written a paper.  About a week before Christmas day I got really sick.  Something like a 24 hour bug, and the next day I was much better, but not 100%.  I got over it quickly after that, but then on Christmas night,  my throat started hurting, and it turned into something bigger.  I don’t know what it was, but it’s finally going away, ending with a cough I’ve had.  I’m glad it was nothing really serious.  God is good!  I had a good weekend this past Saturday hanging out with a bunch of my friends.  I made my first long drive on Saturday.  It was a little over an hour, and it was in a storm, too.  I was fine, but my mom was nervous.  And I wasn’t driving wreckless or anything…give me a break mom!! lol  Just teasing…I guess she just worries a lot.  Since my first long drive was in the pouring rain, it’ll be easier now for me to drive in nice weather.

 So, only one more year of school left after this.  I’m glad. lol  I’m going to start putting more money in savings instead of spending it. (My weakness)  I’m getting better at it though.  I’m trying to save up for a car, since I have to pay for part of it.  It will be a used car, most likely a Toyota, but will probably still cost a pretty penny…well to me at least.  When I get my second job in a few months I’ll be able to start saving more.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I work for my dad’s buisness, but only when he needs me, and that isn’t enough to make good money because I don’t work a lot.  Annnyhow, that’s part of my life right now. 

God bless,



4 Responses to “Getting back to normal”

  1. Hi Jen, Good to hear your update. Do you plan to go to college after you finish school?

  2. 2 Jen

    Hi Helen, nice to hear from you! Yes, I plan on going to college, but nothing major. I will most likely be taking some courses in music theory, since I have a position at my church in music and would like to get better at it. I’m probably going to take a course or two that will help me in future jobs working up to managment positions. I don’t want to go to college for anything major or for too long.

  3. I have just one question Jen. Is there such a thing as “normal” in our household? 😆

  4. Jen: Glad things are FINALLY back to normal, that you’re FINALLY over that cold and FINALLY doing some serious driving. HAW! Really though, I’m sure that for your mom especially, it can be nerve-wracking driving in the rain, BUT YOU DID IT, and you’re the better driver for it. Let us know when you get that 2nd job, what college you choose, and when you get that car. We’ll be praying for you. Love Grandma & Unc Tommy.

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