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Abby, Brady, and I on Saturday…   Advertisements

Abby and Brady


Today I’m going to go visit my aunt and cousins!  Last time I saw them was two Wednesdays ago at the hospital, when my aunt gave birth to Christopher Brady Mann.  I watched Abby and played with her while Annie was in labor.  Abby is a blast!  She’s gotta be the cutest, funniest two year old […]



Yep I’m kinda bored!! =)  What’s new peoples? 

On Friday, February 29th, I will be at a law school in Stockton, CA.  Some people in our homeschool group are participating in a mock trial.  I have to memorized a lot of lines, but I can get credit for it.  It should be fun!  I have to work hard at it if I want […]

I had a good Christmas with my family and friends, and a good New Year’s start too!  I’m getting back to normal now, and I just started school again today.  It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve read something for school or have written a paper.  About a week before Christmas day I got […]