Say a prayer…please!


I’m about to start my first driving lesson in a few minutes.  To be honest, I’m pretty scared!  I’ve never driven on a public road before.  Please keep me in your prayers, I don’t want to crash!  lol


6 Responses to “Say a prayer…please!”

  1. Jen, you made it through. I knew you would. It wasn’t as bad as you thought now, was it? Reminds me of a sign Bobo and Nana used to have at their house.

    “Yesterday is the today you worried about, and all is well.”

    I believe you are going to be a fine driver.


  2. Of course, you know, I did pray too! LOL

  3. Will do, Jen. Will do.

  4. Oh the poor squirel. 😆

  5. Sorry–couldn’t resist. Glad all went well and that you avoided that squirrel successfully.

  6. Grandma says: Hurrah for Jen! UT says: Oh that poor squirrel! (just kidding). I can’t wait to go for that first ride with you when the time comes. We said a prayer for your second time going out. Let us know how you do.

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