I re-took the written test at the DMV today and I passed!  So I have my drivers permit now, and I start training soon.  I’m so happy I passed.  The first time I took it (which was a little over a week ago) I didn’t pass, but missed by passing by one question.  If you get more than 8 wrong out of 46 questions you flunk.  So I got 9 wrong last time, but this time I only got 4 wrong.  Thank you, Jesus!  And thank you everyone for all your prayers, they helped a lot.  I should be able to get my license in April.  Kind of funny, the first time I took it I wasn’t very nervous and I failed.  This time I was very nervous and I passed.  LOL 


6 Responses to “YES!”

  1. Grandma & I say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS! A little “test anxiety” is supposed to be good, so try to get just a little nervous before tests, and you’ll probably do fine! HAW!

  2. I’m so glad you passed, Jen. I really enjoyed the victory sandwich at Subway!

  3. good going Jen, I am glad I am in Illinois! Just kidding! I remember when your mom was pregnant with you and then my own little girl came six months later. It seems like time is going fast. Keep up the good works with everything. I expect great things from you.

  4. Congratulations, Jen. Way to go. Love, Helen

  5. Thanks everyone!

  6. 6 Ann Mann

    You go girl! I knew you could do it. One of these days I’ll let you drive Sassy (my silver toyota Camry) out of the parking lot and on to an actual street…he he I remember the days when I used to drive with you around your church parking lot. Where has the time gone. Just remember who your favorite Auntie is and you’ll be okay….he he

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