Odd Talents


For some reason, this thought just popped in my head.  There are so many cool/odd/different talents and abilities out there!  It’s amazing.  Even just little things that only some people can do, and others can’t.  I’m curious as to how many little unique things my blogging friends can do.  There’s regular things for me, like, playing the piano, organ, drawing and painting…stuff like that.  I can do some odd things too, though.  I can pop my hip out of socket, and then pop it back in again.  I can bend my thumbs back all the way under my pointer fingers knuckle.  It’s like doing the number four, except on the other side of your hand.  My hands are pretty flexible.  I know it sounds weird, or even gross, some of things I can do, but when you look at everyone around you, you can always find SOMETHING unique or different about every person.  That’s how detailed our God is.  To make so many human beings, with so many different talents and abilities, whether big or small, shows how AMAZING and creative he is.  We see his works all around us everyday without even realizing it or taking time to think about it.  He really is an awesome God.  I know this is kind of a random post, but that’s what I’m best at.  SO what about you guys?  What’s something that you can do? 


9 Responses to “Odd Talents”

  1. I can make my nostrils flare in and out………rapidly! Ain’t that something? 😆

  2. Can you make your nostrils flare and raise your eyebrows at the same time? 🙂

  3. I can 😆

  4. 4 enit

    I can make my nostrils flare and sing at the same time or is the other way round?? lol
    Actually I really dont like that talent. Didnt even know it existed til my friends pointed it out and started to laugh. *mumble grumble mumble*


  5. I had to look in the mirror to see if I could do that, and I’m happy to report that I can! 😆

  6. i can wriggle my ears like an elf…hehe.

  7. I’m still cringing about the hip thing…….

    Let’s see….I can cook breakfast for 5 kids in less than 15 minutes. Does that count for anything?

    Oh, and I can still moonwalk (from the Michael Jackson before I was a complete wierdo ’80’s)


  8. I can do my bird whistle with my mouth almost totally closed except for a tiny opening. It really trips people up as to where the sound is coming from! lol

    aunt Kiki

  9. 9 maverick21

    haha.. you guys are freaks! lol.. i guess we are just given special talents that we have to find out for ourselves…

    hmmm..let me see, i think i can .. i dont know, guess im just one of those people whose undiscovered..yet!! hehe

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