How Wise :)


“Having a smoking and non smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing and non peeing section in a pool.”



9 Responses to “How Wise :)”

  1. YES!!!! I love it. Even the warm water feels better than the smoke smell. LOL

  2. LOL Helen you’re crazy.

  3. Thank you Jen for sharing this wisdom. I prefer both the non-smoking and non-tinkling!

  4. Tooooo funny~ Never thought of it that way, but what a way to compare…

  5. Jen you are soooo crazy gurl. But I’m gonna have to agreee on that one!! lol. neways call me cuz I really neeed to talk to u….eeehhhheemmm!!! hehehee….well ttyl.

    ~luv ya

  6. 6 enit

    hahaha.. I love that quote!!!!!
    I hate smoke..


  7. LOL! So true. Even as a kid I didn’t want to swim in public pools for that very reason. LOL!

  8. Good analogy. I appreciate California having a lot of non-smoking restaurants. In Illinois when we went back there last fall, they have non-smoking sections, and it was horrible. Especially for me with asthma! Cough! Gag! Sputter. We are blessed to be in this state with its non-smoking tendencies in public places.

  9. Here’s what I say to that little “word of wisdom”: oui-oui! (uh, French for yes-yes, of course)—LOL

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