Weeee…I decided to post again…


Talk about sunny California.  It’s been cold and rainy, and it’s supposed to rain all week.  From where I’m sitting, I can look through the window and see the rain splashing into the pool, making all sorts of little dots and ripples in the water.  It looks pretty cool!  I have lots of studying to do this week, and it really stinks because I left my Bible quizzing binder at the youth leaders house from my old church this Saturday.  I have my flash cards, and my Bible of course, but I’m used to memorizing out of my binder.  I should get it back tomorrow though.  We have another quiz practice tonight, and this Friday and Saturday, another tournament in Fresno.  I hope I have a good time. 

 Enough about quizzing.  I think I’m ready for summer.  I’ve seen rain and snow, and now I want it to get warm.  We can use our pool again when that happens.  Hopefully sometime soon, at least within the next few months we should be able to go swimming again.  I have a good picture of our pool on my camera, but I STILL haven’t gotten any uploaded onto the computer.  I need my dad to help me figure it out cause I don’t know how to do it from this camera, and I’ve never done it from another one.  He’s been really, really busy though, So maybe when all this stuff he has going on is over, I will be able to get some pictures up of the pool, and some of me and my friends too.  I had a good time this weekend with them.  Stayed up most of the night, like always when we get together.  I’m really happy that I have the good friends that I do.  I’m pretty close to most of the people in my old youth group.  Now I just gotta work on winning more kids to God where I live now…

 Since we started our church from scratch, that’s kinda how you have to do it.  Win people to God, and then when they start learning, they can tell others about him too.  Pray for our church, and that this year we will start to see growth in the young people, and in the whole congregation in general.  That’s enough for now.  I’m done.  God Bless y’all!!


3 Responses to “Weeee…I decided to post again…”

  1. Jen: I’ve been a prayin’ for the Oakley church. Also, I so wish I could go to quizzing again. Are you going to Bay Pack?

  2. Those are the best kind of days. Listening to the rain on the roof, watching it splash of the windowsill. I love those days. I like to get some hot chocolate and sit down and write.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I grew up in So Calif. I’m praying for your church. I know how consuming a Home Missions church can be. But it’s worth it. We were in Maryland for 9-years in Home Missions.
    You can come visit me… we’ve had beautiful upper 60’s and low 70’s weather with lots of sun the past few days. I hear a cold front is moving in. But that’s one thing about living in the south… couple days of any kind of weather … and then it’ll change to something different.

    Rain is for curling up in a chair and reading and reading and reading… 🙂 and writing.

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