How would you like to drive through this?


Here is a CRAZY picture of all the snow from the CRAZY weather they’ve been having back East.  This is in Oswega, NY. 


My uncle sent this to us.  I’m glad we don’t get snow where I live. lol


5 Responses to “How would you like to drive through this?”

  1. Hi Jen. This is amazing. I wish we had about six inches of real snow, not a “wintry mix” of sleet, ice, and freezing rain that causes power outages like we’ve had the past few years. This moring it’s about 40 degrees and raining. Ugh.

  2. Having grown up in Chicago, I don’t miss the snow at all! I love being a California girl and able to drive to the snow once or twice a year and then leave it.

  3. Global warming my butt! Ole Al’s gonna get an oscar tonight. Theres a stinker born every minute.

    Glad I am not living there. Brrrrrr! High of 78 today and sunny skies here in Houston.

    Love the pic. Thanks for posting it.

  4. I love the snow but I don’t think I’d like to live in it. I just like to go skiing and then come home.

  5. 5 enit

    I’d love to be in snow atleast once in my life.. Where I stay, winter isnt cold.. Its pleasant!!! lol

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