Lotsa work and so little time


Man!!  I have to learn tons of verses for Bible quizzing to be caught up for this next tournament.  I’ve been working at my verses….sometimes I’ll be able to get a bunch of them memorized, and other times I’ll try, and it just won’t click for some reason.  I need all the prayer I can get!!  I was just reviewing some other ones I already learned, and I learned 3 today, but I want to learn a lot more before practice tonight.  This is pretty hard work, and sometimes I feel like giving up, because I want to catch up in school, but I guess there’s just something in me that’s making me want to stick with it all the way.  And I am going to try to catch up in school along with it though.  Mostly just need to work in the math.  Ahhh!!!  I don’t know how I’m going to do all this…I have to know at LEAST 238 verses by next weekend, and right now I know 170.  I know I’m rambling, but these are the posts I make best, because I don’t really have to think about something to write, cause I’m just typing out my mind. LOL  And it goes along with the topic of my blog too.  So if anyone’s out there reading this, make a comment!  Or give me some suggestions about something that helped you to concentrate on studying. 

I also want to thank my coaches, Paul and Eva Kolej, my coaches, for being patient with me and giving me the opportunity to get out and go to these tournaments, meet people, and get God’s word inside my heart.  And I promise you guys, I’m really trying!!!  And thanks to my team too, Zach and Ricky, for being encouraging to me.  You guys are awesome. 


7 Responses to “Lotsa work and so little time”

  1. The kiddos are doing some practice quizzes . . . gearing up for our invitational here this weekend! Wow! It always amazes me how intense Sr. quizzing is . . . Unless you have photographic memory, it just is plain hard work. You make us all proud of your dedication! Awesome!


  2. Hi Jen. You’ll be in my prayers.

  3. Jen–you are doing great. Don’t stress out and don’t let quizzing get you off track with your school work. Yes–it is hard work and you are working hard as well as your team mates. You all do so well together and you encourage them as well as them encouraging you.

    Also–I do appreciate your dedication. It is easy to give up when things get hard, but hang in there, it’ll click.

    You all are going to do awesome in Fresno.

    Paul and I are praying for you!


    Your Coach (es)

  4. Thanks, Helen. Thank you Aunt Krissy…Yeah, Sr. quizzing can be pretty hard. lol

  5. “Today is the yesterday you worried about, and all is well!”

    The Alvarez’s used to have this hanging on a plaque in their house. Just work hard, pray, and do the best you can. Trophies are nice to have, but they will not help you down the road. Hiding God’s Word in your heart is something that will stay with you and will be there at times when you really need it. I’m proud of all of you kids for all your efforts in memorizing Scripture!


  6. 6 Wordpress FBI

    Remember Jen, “Failure is not an option” so suck it up. Nothing less then first place…you can do it! :)~

  7. Well thanks, “WordPress FBI.” I think we’re related….FOCUS! Dork…

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