My New Look


Do you guys like my new look?  I accidentally clicked a theme, and I liked it. lol  But then I picked a different one.  Decided to change the title too.  Maybe it will inspire me to write more.  I haven’t been wanting to for some reason.


6 Responses to “My New Look”

  1. I really like the picture, Jen!

  2. I like it, especially the title change. I don’t doubt that God is in your life or even a huge, huge part of it. I don’t doubt you try to “pray without ceasing” and keep God in all your decisions. But the new title allows you more freedom in what you write about without being “off topic.” For example, Abby at Burger King is not about about God in your life, but it works very well under “random.” And now, i do hope you post more often.

  3. I must confess. I liked your other title better, but hey, this is your blog.

  4. Thanks Mom, Thanks Helen. 😀 I like it too. Mom, of course I will still write about God, but I like to post a bunch of different things, so it makes more sense I guess. If I’m having a bad day or something, and I make a post about it….it seems like it would be weird to have “God In A Girls Life” at the top. lol Blogs are almost like journals that people can read. And God will always be in my life. 😉

  5. I understand Jen, but even in the bad days, God would still be in your life, so I don’t think it would be weird. I don’t have a problem with your new title. I like it. I was simply stating that I like the first one better.

  6. Yeah you’re right, of course….but I like it better the way it is now. 😉

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