It can buy a house… ….but not a home  It can buy a clock…. ….but not time.

It can buy a position… ….but not respect

 It can buy a bed…. ….but not sleep. 

It can buy a book…. ….but not knowledge

It can buy medicine… …but not health.  

It can buy blood…. ….but not life.  So you see, money isn’t everything. It often causes pain and $uffering.  I tell you this because I am your friend, and as your friend, I want to take away your pain and $uffering…So send me all your money, and I will $uffer for you!!! 

(Cash only please)


After all, what are friends for?


11 Responses to “Money”

  1. “Alls I got” is a penny. That do? OK, take away my toe pain. HAW! Seriously though, Jen, I really liked this, and that money house pic was cool!

  2. I love the money house. How cute is that?!!!

  3. I’m not giving you all my money. You’ll just go and buy clothes. Haw!

  4. HEY JEN: I read this again and LAUGHED SOME MORE. Are you REALLY willing to suffer for us all just for a little money?

  5. 5 Bovvy


    What a lovely post. Work is where I get all my money, so as an extra special (and selfless) Christmas gift to you this year, I’m giving you all my work to do!

    Merry Christmas! I’ll be on the beach if you need anything (but I won’t have my cell phone with me).


  6. Bobby,

    You’re a hoot. I chuckled when I read your comment. Don’t forget the tanning lotion.



  7. Just dropping by to say have a fab Christmas. May you know how much God delights in you!
    In Jesus
    Maria in the UK

  8. Merry Christmas, Jen.

  9. Jenga:

    I echo your Uncle Bovvy’s sentiments. Do my laundry today, and I’ll be happy!

    Aunt Keek

  10. 10 misslionheart

    Thankyou for visiting my bloggrotto! Have a wonderful Christmas!

    p.s. I edited my name from your comment 😉 and wrote misslionheart.

  11. i’ll be nice. u don’t have to suffer for me. The real reason i don’t want u 2 i cuz i have like , $0.75 cents n e wayz! lol! email me, jennifer connell! pronto! -laycee

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