When Jen is Bored…


……She does silly things!

growls.jpg   mustache.jpg   smiley.jpg


10 Responses to “When Jen is Bored…”

  1. Ha h! Thanks for making me laugh! Lovely pics.. photogenic, you!
    God bless
    maria in the UK

  2. Pretty is what she is.

    Jen, How can you be bored when there are slipper left unnamed?

  3. Jen: I seriously had a laughing fit. I’m literally CRYING. Great pics! Aunt Keek & I were discussing “boredom,” and we both agreed, “How could ANYONE be bored? There’s ALWAYS something to do!!” HAW!

  4. I love when you have laughing fits! It’s hilarious. I get them too, over stupid/funny things. Glad you enjoyed…

    And Helen, I’ll still have to be thinking about my slippers.

    Thanks for stopping by, Maria!!!

  5. wow, jen~
    that’s crazy. not as crazy as me though. maybe that’s a good thing. lol! -laycee

  6. UH LACE, you haven’t been by my blog lately. WHAT GIVES???

  7. You are a “scream”! LOL

  8. Oh Jen! The ‘stash is hilarious!

    Boy(8) thinks the first pic is funny, too!

  9. Thanks, Auntie!! I used the end of my pig tails to make it…lol

  10. haha! when I get bored can you come home and entertain me??

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