My Slippers


 This is a pair of slippers I got recently with some birthday money!


I’m thinking I should name them, but I would get them mixed up all the time. 

I like wacky slippers, so if any of you want to get me some more for Christmas, you’re more than welcomed to.  🙂


11 Responses to “My Slippers”

  1. wow! they look just like you! lol, j/k!
    -laycee david

  2. Love the slippers, Jen. Your little piggies must be toe-sty in those babies. :o) Happy almost Christmas, girlie~

  3. I like slippers, too, Jen. And I think these are all about being a girl (or, maybe, a young woman.) In fact, I think both are female pigs. How about Miss Pinky Left for the left one and Miss Piggy Right for the right. That way their names help you tell them apart. Aren’t you in to mnemonic devices, dear? And don’t answer that question until you know the meaning of “mnemonic.” (I checked the spelling, so it’s right.)

  4. How about Porky and Dorky?

  5. Or Porky Left and Dorky Right. 🙂

  6. Just remember Jen: You ARE what you WEAR! (just kidding)

  7. Helen: I LOVE mnemonic devices and have used a few in my day. My favorite is probably Jesus, Others, You = JOY.

  8. Is the jury still out or have you settled on names?

  9. OKAY guys. My friend Coco gave me the names…Pinki and Binki. Pinki is right, and Binki is left. YAY!! Thanks everyone for the suggestions. LOL I’m crazy.

  10. And you can use the following as a mnemonic device: “Pinki was right, so Binki left.”

  11. lol.. they are so terribly cute!
    I love wacky slippers too..

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!


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