Last Christmas


Well my mom assigned me to writing a post about a favorite Christmas memory. (Creative writing, she says) lol!  I don’t think I really have a favorite Christmas memory, but I do have a favorite Christmas, and that would have to be last year.  It was a family reunion, and I saw family that I hadn’t seen since I was about 7 years old.  My little cousin Natalie I had only talked to on the phone and saw pictures of before then.  I have such a unique, crazy, funny family!  I have something I love about each and every aunt, uncle, and cousin.  They’re all special to me, and so was last Christmas, because we all got to be together. 

                                                Here are some pictures of us last Christmas.



       dolly-aunt-carol-4.jpg   wrapped-2.jpg




Just a few. 😉  It was a lot of fun.  The boys had a great time “taking me down” when we went to Tahoe for a few days after Christmas.  A funny thing that happened there was I tried to go snowboarding on my brother’s snowboard.  First I fell, and I’m sure it looked really funny, and then I think I strapped my foot in the wrong way, so I couldn’t get it out.  I ended up having to take my foot out of my boot so that we could get it out.  We also made GIANT snowmen, wayyyy bigger than me.  We rolled boulders in the snow until it looked like a huge snowball, and then we would set it down and put sticks on top of it for stakes for the next giant snowball.  They’re fun to make, but you DO NOT want to be in the way if they decide to fall over.  Anyhow, that’s it for now about last Christmas.


6 Responses to “Last Christmas”

  1. Jen: To think I WAS THERE last Christmas and got to experience most of what you wrote about. Loved the pics. Like you, I love ALL my nieces and nephews. You are DEFINITELY extra special!

  2. Hi Jenga:

    Liked your article and the pictures. It was a memorable Christmas for sure! I’m thankful we didn’t get stuck in any blizzards like we did the year before.

    Love,Aunt Kiki

  3. Last year was a very memorable Christmas. It was the first time in 20 years that all my brothers and sisters were together for Christmas. This year will be fun though too, watching Abby attack her gifts!

  4. Well done on completing your assignment!!

    God bless
    Maria in the UK

  5. Love the Memories!

    Let’s do it again, soon!

  6. A+, Jen! The pics are awesome!
    -laycee david

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