Just a few things on my mind…


It seems weird that it’s almost 2007….I was just 8 years old…what happened??!!  I’ve been thinking I want to get out of the house for a vacation and do something EXCITING!!!  I know Christmas is coming up, but everyday latley just seems “same ol’ same ol’.”  Maybe I’m imagining it, or maybe it’s because I seem to have caught a cold, but I really feel like doing something good….something adventureous! 

 This coming Monday morning, some people from the homeschooling group that I’m involved in, and my Mom, brother, and I are going to a nursing home to sing some Christmas carols and pass out some gifts.  Please pray that God will use me to encourage someone there.  I think that would be nice.  I realize I am so blessed to have a house, a family, and GOOD friends.  I have a few GOOD friends, and some people don’t have any. 

So I guess that’s enough about me…How’s everyone out there?  Anything interesting going on with you this Christmas?  Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.


4 Responses to “Just a few things on my mind…”

  1. Hi Jen. I was 8 years old, too. Fun, wasn’t it?

  2. Yeah, it was. Not as many worries, and more fun. But I like my age now, too. It’s a different kind of fun I guess.

  3. So is mine. One of my life’s goals is to be a gracious and loving old woman some day, one that shows younger women how to live.

  4. Jen: You really did seem to grow up OVERNITE. AND HEY, wasn’t it fun doin’ that skit you did at the banquet?!! Aren’t you going to be going to Tahoe?? Won’t THAT be fun THERE?

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