Ms. Grinch


 Here is my cousin Natalie (Ms. Grinch) last year at Christmas

                   getting ready to open all of her presents.

She’s making a funny face.  (It runs in our family to take those kinds of pictures)


        She’s a silly little thing, cute, and she knows it!!


15 Responses to “Ms. Grinch”

  1. Hi Jen. I see it does run in the family (see #7 under About Me)! 🙂 I love the candles. Beautiful.

  2. MY NATALIE knows she’s cute (but in a good way). I love it. I wish I could see her. I love this post!!!

  3. i can tell it runs in the family. Tom seems to look like a mischeif maker even with a straight face. and Jen, well…. better not said. lol. j/k jen! -laycee

  4. Jen, that’s a sweet picture, she’s so cute. and I love your candle header, it’s so cozy.

  5. Awww. sweet… what will she be like when she’s older, i wonder

    God bless
    Maria in the UK

  6. I’m not usually a mischief maker, LACER, but once mischief is started, I do tend to jump in. I have NEVER TP’d anyone’s house, though. HAW!

  7. Love your header because it is beautiful. I am especially attracted to light, beautiful lamps, the slanting sun and candles.


    Shirley Buxton

  8. Thanks! I like it too. I think it’s a neat picture. And yes, Laycee, my uncle does look like he’s up to something…all the time! lol 😆

  9. yes… i think so… and tom- i’ve tp’d my friend’s cars before….. and my youth pastor’s house. lol. -laycee

  10. Cute kid. I like kids with a little mischief. I don’t know why. Maybe because I was. lol Yes, I’ve tp’d many things, my youth pastor’s house, evangelists cars, the principals cabins/dorms at youth camps, etc. Have fun! Just don’t be mean spirited!
    Oh, and I love waterguns and shortsheeting someone’s bed….

  11. Well, you know what they say Laycee, “What goes around comes around.” You ever been TP’d???

  12. no but ive been saranwrapped and carried..and plopped into… a dumpster by my brother! lol. and i like to shortsheet beds too… no mean spirits here… just christmas spirts!lol. 🙂 laycee

  13. Miss Nata-bumpo says, “Look at ME!” And makes that SAME ol’ face again!

    Benja-Boy says, “Where’s a picture of me?”

    Great memories! Want a change of scenery . . . come and see us!

  14. I would LOVE to come see you!!! Just don’t know when I can…but I really want to get out of here and go somewhere else. I DO need a change of scenery!

  15. 15 Paul A.K.A. Jen's Brother

    I TP’d some house’s.

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