Quick Picture




This is a quick picture I drew on a marker board….and I need something new to post about, so here  you go.  lol  Well I’m off to an orthodontist appointment now…! 


10 Responses to “Quick Picture”

  1. such an artiest! (i meant to spell it that way, jen!)

  2. Great, Laycee. And you should have capitalized “I” and “Jen” child…. 😆

  3. 3 misslionheart

    The orthodonist? mmm…brace yourself!

  4. Jen,

    That pic really turned out good for spending just a few minutes on it. Write on!

  5. 5 Bovvy

    Trés bien, ma cherie. Now I’d like to see the same subject with a little more emotion (ya know, once more with feeling). Try adding an earthquake or perhaps a volcanic eruption from one of the background mountains. Or perhaps a deer with mad cow disease could wander into the meadow. You get the idea.

    PS: Please double-check your Jenga mail to see if that e-card came through yet.


  6. Jen: I had a laughing fit at Laycee’s sideways picture. AND, you ARE an artist–the artiest person I know. I love the picture. DO ANOTHER!

  7. thanks, tom. lol. like i said in an earlier post… this only happens really late when i get really hyper. say, 4 am? 🙂 and jen… i don’t like capitals. lol. it’s called capitalphobia. just kiddin. laycee

  8. oh and tom… why don’t u post a picture of yourself being wacko so u can prove the dorkiness rate of 11 thingy? lol

  9. UH, Laycee, my day is coming. I have GOT to see what wacky photo I can use and when I can post it.

  10. wha? how many photos do u have of bein’ wack? lol. i have probably a half million…. 🙂 laycee

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