Anyone else ever feel like this?


Man…Somebody give me a suggestion…Sometimes I totally run out of things to blog about, and this is one of those times.  Does anybody have any good ideas? 


8 Responses to “Anyone else ever feel like this?”

  1. Here are some ideas.

    -things that you are thankful for
    -your best Christmas memories
    -things that make you laugh
    – hobbies and things you like to do
    -what you look for in a friend

    Hope this helps. 😆

  2. My thoughts are CLASSIFIED. A good blogger keeps its secrets…. j/k. I usaully look at sights like Yahoo or Google news and write about something from there. Hey do you think you can remove the AKA The wierd child? I’m NOT A CHILD! 🙂 J/K with ya, jen.

  3. Thanks Mom…

    Laycee, you are a weird child, whether you like it or not… 😆

  4. How about

    -things you saw the last time you went for a walk
    -you favorite season (and why)
    -funny or scary dreams you have had
    -places you’d like to visit

  5. Thanks, Helen! I’ve had a lot of wacky

  6. Jen:

    How about:
    – favorite things about UNCLE TOM
    – awesome things about UNCLE TOM
    – funny things about UNCLE TOM
    – boring things about UNCLE TOM (I know this will be extremely hard to think of!) HAW!

  7. VERY funny. It was a nice try though!

  8. wow. that’s funny. lol! u have me ALMOST rolling on the floor. (see jen, there are some capitals on my keyboard!) -laycee 😉

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