Another Abby Picture



This is another picture of my baby cousin Abby.  It was at her 1st birthday party in August….The girl can eat!!  I love you Abby!


5 Responses to “Another Abby Picture”

  1. Grammatino is sitting here with me, reading your blog! How well she remembers that Birthday Bash! She fell asleep before ya’ll could sing Happy Birthday! It was quite a big day for the Big One year old.

    We just came back from my other little niece’s 2nd Birthday Party! Everything was Pink and Bitty Baby!

    You still are my cutie patootie little Niecie poo, too!

    Auntie KrissyK

  2. What a cute baby. Happy Birthday.

  3. Jen:

    I love the picture of MY ABBY!! I’m blessed to be able to see her often. When my mom comes back from WI, she’ll be watching Abby (along with my help, of course–hee hee) on Mondays, so I’ll get to see Abby Sunday and Monday.

    I have 3 great nieces, and to think—THE FAMILY FAVORITE is one of them!

    Thinking of you and can’t wait to see “you guys” over Thanksgiving. Am praying for the quizzing. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! (I’m honestly NOT just saying that; I mean it!) Keep up the good work.

    Uncle Tom

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Jen.

  5. 5 misslionheart

    Little princess! Happy thanksgiving Jen,

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