Awesome Uncles


I’d like to wish my uncle Dean in New York a very happy birthday!  This is a little late, since his birthday was on the 29th.  I love my uncle.  He has a good heart and he’s always so nice to me!  All my uncles are awesome.  I have 7 uncles altogether on both sides, by blood, and by marrige.  I thank God for my uncles!!

I would write more but I have to go eat.  At least I have the strength to.  Seems like Friday night through last night I couldn’t eat good, and I was feeling sick.  Again, the Lord reached down and touched me.  (Thank you God!!)


9 Responses to “Awesome Uncles”

  1. Hi Jen. You must be really busy these days. Haven’t heard from you in a while.

  2. Jen,

    You are indeed blessed with wonderful uncles, all of them!

  3. Gosh… busy life of Jen.

    God bless
    Maria in the UK

  4. ****************HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *************

    God bless
    Maria in the UK

  5. Hey girlie! Happy birthday! PS – I know one of your uncles that thinks he’s your FAVORITE. :o)

  6. Happy Birthday Jen. Have a wonderful day. How neat that you and your mom have a bithday in common. You and I have something very special in common, also: We are blessed with beautiful, godly mothers.

  7. Hippo Birdie Two Ewe!

    I think it is so cool that you and your Mama have the same day to celebrate . . . you are a beautiful reflection of your mother . . . you two bloggers, you!

    Love your quiz pictures and your blog header photo! Your cousins loved them!

    Love and Frosting,
    Auntie KrissyK

  8. 8 Bovvy

    Yes, all of your uncles rock, but there’s only one UB, my dear.

    Happy B-day! (ever-so-slightly belated) I sent an e-card to your jengablox account.

  9. Grace would love you for sure! :o) Thanks for your oh-so-sweet comments, Jen!

  10. hey.
    sorry I missed your birthday..
    well better late than never.
    so happy B’day!!
    may this year be full of God’s promises and Lots of his love


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