I’m happy, but OUCH!


I got the braces for my bottom teeth on yesterday.  Today I’m really sore.  It took me forever to eat just half a sandwich!  It was like this when I got my top ones on, but I know I’ll get used to it soon.  I’m going to Bible quizzing practice tonight at my coaches house.  It looks like we might have a new quizzer on our team this year.  He goes to Bro. Bryant’s church in Brentwood, CA. but he would be joining our team.  His name is Ricky, and hopefully all three of us on a team, (Zach, Ricky, and I) will do awesome this year. 

If you’re interested in what Bible quizzing looks like, or what people are involed, visit my “Bible quiz pictures” page.  I just updated  it yesterday with some pictures from quiz season last year.  When we start competing again in January, I’ll start post new ones for the year.  God bless you all!


9 Responses to “I’m happy, but OUCH!”

  1. The pain eases after a while – i promise

    Every blessing
    Maria in the UK

  2. Oh i know exactly how you feel!
    but you’re taking it much better than I am.
    i would have been screaming and yelling at anyone who would dare to cross my path!!

    ouch is the word

  3. Jen:

    I feel SO BAD for you that the mouth pain is absolutely unbearable (just kidding). I know you will be better soon and will be eating “hard things” again. HAW!

    Keep on smilin’!
    Peeve (The Family Favorite)

  4. Hi Jen, Hope youur mouth fells better soon. 🙂 I know you’ll enjoy Bible quizzing.

  5. Jen, be a good girl and listen to your orthodontist when you switch from braces to plates (whenever that happens). I didn’t, and I’m not brave enough to go through the trauma of getting braces again… lol.

    Bless you!

    PS – eat lots of soft, half-melted vanilla ice cream. Best way to fuss your teeth if you like vanilla!

  6. Hi Diana,

    It’s not as sore now…getting better! I haven’t taken any pain killer at all. Sometimes I accidentally pop a carmel or something in my mouth that I’m not supposed to eat! Oh well…And I have no problem at all with the ice cream part!! I’m an ice cream aholic!

  7. Leave us a picture so we can have something to laugh at!!! lol. . I’m just kidding, jen…. don’t have a cow… or an elephant. -laycee

  8. YOUR picture is scary!

  9. hey… I like to make people laugh, alright?

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