Maxium Velocity


Sorry I haven’t posted in a few, but I’m ready to again.  On Friday night, and on Saturday afternoon, I went to the youth/church conference entitled “Maximum Velocity.”  Youth from the more northern parts of California joined together to worship God.  Rev. Darin Sargent preached the word of God to us young people.  What a good time!  Afterwards, some of my friends and I took some silly pictures.  I tried to post one of them, but I couldn’t get it to work.  Maybe I’ll try again later.  On Saturday after this event, we went out to eat Mexican food with the Reyes family.  They recently lost their mom to cancer, and it’s amazing the peace they have.  They’re doing good, but keep them in your prayers.  I thank God I got to go to Maximum Velocity, as I did not get to go last year.  It’s always awesome to see young people giving God their everything, and serving him with all their hearts.  That’s how I want people to see me.


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