This is a picture of my baby cousin, Abby.  She’s playing in a little blow up pool at my aunt and uncle’s house.  She had some balls in the pool with her.  She loves them!  She’s pronounces it like “Bull!”  But that’s fine, cause she’s only one.  I love my little cousin!!


6 Responses to “Abby”

  1. Oh Abby! I wonder what the baby is doing right now. Ain’t she precious?

  2. Cuteness!

    God bless
    Maria Toth

  3. What a sweetheart.

  4. Hi Helen! Haven’t seen you around in a while! And yes, she is!!

  5. That Abbygirl is a cutie!

  6. Boy, it’s hard not to play favorites! HA! Don’tcha worry, I got plenty of Love for All my purdy nieces!

    Your Favorite Auntie!

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