The California State Seal


 This is another short paper I wrote for school/The study of California History.


The California State seal was adopted at the California state Constitutional Convention of 1849.  It was

later redesigned in 1937.  Featured on the seal, you will see the Goddess Athena, also known as the

Goddess of Wisdom.  Crouched next to her is a grizzly bear, which is California’s state animal.  The grizzly

 bear feeds on grape vines, symbolic of California’s wine production.  A sheaf of grain represents the

state’s agriculture.  A miner in the background portrays the California Gold Rush and the mining industry. 

 The water and sailing ships are to remind us of the state’s economic power, the great San Francisco Bay,

and the Sacramento River.  The phrase “Eureka” located at the top of the seal has a very true meaning:  I

 have found it.  It fits California perfectly.

P.S.  The woman on the front (Already mentioned in the paper) is supposed to be the Goddess Athena.  So you all know, I only believe in one God, and his name is Jesus.  Athena is just a myth. 


One Response to “The California State Seal”

  1. Hi Jen. It seems like you’re learning a lot about California. The State Seal is really quite pretty. I didn’t know the grizzly bear lived that far west. I knew they used live in the eastern part of the US but are most gone now. Did you know the grizzly was removed from the endangered animal list recently? Just after I chose it and did the research for a poem for anthology of poems about endangered animalsthat my poem didn’t get in. 🙂

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