Why California is a great place to live


This is a paper little paper I had to write for school.  We are studying California History.


I have lived in California all of my fourteen years.  It’s a great state.  What most people don’t know is

that 45% of California is made up of forests.  Of course it has its share of cities too.  San Francisco is

nice to visit.  It has a lot to do and see.  California has a lot to do and to see.  Weather isn’t normally a

big issue for our Golden State.  Many of our days each year are filled with sunshine.  California is also

know for its beaches.  One of them is Santa Cruz, famous for its board walk which includes shops,

restaraunts, and rides.  There are neat places to visit all over.  As you can see, from the way I have

described this fair state, California is a pretty great place to be.  It has just about everything that a state

could ever have:  Mountains, valleys, beaches, farmland, much sunshine, neat cities and more.  This is

why California is a great place to live.

P.S.  This Saturday, September 9th, California will have been a state for 156 years!


10 Responses to “Why California is a great place to live”

  1. Hi Jen. California has some of the same advantages we have in North Carolina: mountains, forests, beaches. I had no idea so much of the state was covered in forests. I’ve only been there once, when we spent a week in Los Angeles looking for a house to buy. But housing and the cost of living in general was so high compared to the salary my husband was being offered that we decided to come back to North Carolina, even though neither of us was guaranteed to get our job back. Fortunately, we both did. We have never been sorry we didn’t move to the LA rat race.

  2. I don’t care much for the L.A. area, but there are really so many nice places in California. One thing I really like is that if I want snow, I have to go to it, it doesn’t come to me. I’d rather have a rainy California winter than a snowy Chicago one any day.

  3. Hi Helen,

    I remember you saying something about living in L.A. for a week….you’ll have to make a post about it sometime, if you didn’t already. Did I miss it? lol

    Mom, I like the snow, but I guess it’s just better to go to it than have it come to you. 😀

  4. Jen, I told you most of it in the first comment. But here it is in greater detail.

    My husband was offered a job as a regional manger of tech support in downtown LA. The salary was lot higher than he was making as a tech specialist in Charlotte, NC. (I was teaching 7th grade at Christian school. Troy was four.) It sounded like real opportunity so he accepted the job. We drove to Joplin, Mo. (1000 miles from Charlotte) to visit my family who had relatives in from England. (My mom was born in England.) Then we drove to LA (another almost 2000 miles) and stayed in motels while we looked for a house. (Bill’s company had agreed to buy our house in Charlotte.) But everything that we could almost afford was 100 miles away. We thought that was crazy (not to mention six lanes each way on the interstates, and every road was an interstate). Everything seemed too fast, too expansive, and too far away, so we left and drove straight home, being careful of every penny we spent (eating hamburgers but not fires, drinking water instead of soft drinks) because we thought Bill might lose his present job for refusing to relocate, after agreeing to do so. (I had already resigned from my job.) We thought we would have to pay all the expenses for the house finding trip. But we went back to NC anyway (happy to starve in our own house if that was what it meant).

    Well, Bill got his job back, and so did I (They hadn’t been able to find another teacher yet), which just goes to show that if you trust the Lord and do what you know is right (even if you are afraid and don’t know the outcome), He will meet your needs. The move wouldn’t have put us where we needed to be for other events to happen. God always has our best interest in mind, even when it comes to not moving to California.

  5. BTW, we did not have to pay back the money for the trip. And we have never been sorry we came back to NC. We moved to Winston-Salem seven years later, and God continues to open doors.

    And you never answered my question: Do home schoolers get snow days?

  6. Thanks for explaining, Helen. Well, I don’t get snow days because it doesn’t snow in the part of California where I live. lol But If it did, I might…. ?

  7. Good Job Jen. Enjoy studying California History. We are studying it too. Haven’t gotten to far but we have done we enjoyed.

    Snow days Jen? Do you really think so? Well we did have an occasional snow day in Delaware. It was fun but I much prefer “going to the snow”.

    Enjoy traveling California History.

  8. this is a great report u did umm what did u get on it. and my comp works now yay


  10. WEll Jenga, you’ve taught your Auntie something. I didn’t know CA was 45% forest. That makes me feel good. I love the forests, lakes, wateralls and mountains the most about CA. The least: the rains and eathquakes. But I’ve been here almost 28 years, and I wouldn’t want to move back to Chicago…unless God called us back there, of course. We are blessed to be in this beautiful state of many natural wonders. Glad I get to share it with you, sweetie.

    Aunt Kiki

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