Hi everyone!!!  I’m a little bored…does anyone want to say something?  A poem?  About their day?  Helen?  Daniel?  Tena?  Mom?  Anyone?!  How is everyone?  😀


7 Responses to “?…….”

  1. Hi Jen. I love the new name for your blog, but don’t forget the possessive on Girl’s. You always need one, if you can turn the phrase around: “God in the life of a girl.” I like your use of “girl,” even though you are already a young woman. A very young one but a woman, no less. I think very young women who think of themselves as girls have a good life. I know I did at your age. I had a very happy childhood and youth because I had great parents to guide me, as you do.

    Sorry you’re bored, but boredom is an indication you’re ready for school to start. You need input, so you can start thinking about things you’ve forgotten about during the summer: things that matter, even though you needed a break. I bet you’re ready for Bible Quizzing, right?

  2. Thanks for the correction! lol Yes, I would like to be a girl for a while…it’s fun!!! Well I’m in school. Still kinda bored! Haha…Yeah, I think by next month when we start I should be ready to quiz again.

  3. Here’s a poem just for you, Jen, I just whipped up…

    I’m bored today, but I won’t be tomorrow,
    For off to the library I’ll go and a book I will borrow.

    I’m bored today, but I won’t be next week,
    For I will make some soup for dinner and use a leek.

    I’m bored today, but I won’t be next month,
    For school will start and I don’t want to be a dunce.

    I’m bored today, but I won’t be next year,
    For then I’ll be driving and puttin’ the car in gear.
    Okay, don’t be too critical, I don’t know how to write poems, but you asked for one. 😀 Love you!

  4. BEAUTIFUL Tena! LOL You’re funny! Thanks! 😀 🙂 😉

  5. im fine but i will be gone for three days for a baseball tourny wish me luck

  6. Jen,

    How could you be bored?
    Are you out of your gourd?
    There is so much to do.
    Shall I point it out for you?
    You could clean your room.
    Sweep the floor with a broom.
    Make us some dinner.
    We’d probably all be thinner.
    Wash the clothes.
    Spray the porch down with the hose.
    I can no longer go on,
    because this really isn’t fun!


  7. 7 misslionheart

    How can you be bored? You have the world at your fingertips, and God at your side…..

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