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Hi Everybody: I will be leaving for Colombus, Ohio on Wednesday.  I’m going to General Conference!! (For the United Pentecostal Church)  Pray that everything goes well with the trip, and other things that will be going on there.  I’m beginning to look forward to it.  It should be fun, and I might get to see […]

Mystery Flower


This is a neat looking flower we saw at General Mariano Vallejo’s courtyard in Sonoma.  Anyone know what kind it might be?

 This is another short paper I wrote for school/The study of California History. The California State seal was adopted at the California state Constitutional Convention of 1849.  It was later redesigned in 1937.  Featured on the seal, you will see the Goddess Athena, also known as the Goddess of Wisdom.  Crouched next to her is a […]



This is me and my friend Ali just playing around today…like 2 minutes ago!  I haven’t posted in a few days, so here you go.  I’m thankful for my friends. 😉                           HUH?            Just wondering        Smilies!

Q:  What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on it?   A:  Nothing, he just let out a little wine…. 😀

This is a paper little paper I had to write for school.  We are studying California History.   I have lived in California all of my fourteen years.  It’s a great state.  What most people don’t know is that 45% of California is made up of forests.  Of course it has its share of cities […]

Happy Labor Day


Just wanted to wish everybody a very Happy Labor Day!!!