Just another little post


Since I have a chance, I wanted to make a short post for today.  I started school yesterday.  We didn’t do much for the first day, because I had an ortho appointment at 2:00.  I got my braces changed to pink!  I think I like them better now.  Anyhow, school for today was a lot better because we got more things done.  I’m going to a little birthday party tonight before my piano lesson. It’s for my Grandma at a place called Mel’s Diner.  (Happy Birthday Grandma!!!)  I haven’t been there in a long time, but I remember they have big banana splits…should I get one?!  I think so. 😀


10 Responses to “Just another little post”

  1. My dear Ice Cream Princess,

    The last thing you really need right now is a banana split. Keep in mind that we’ll be having cake and icecream at your aunt’s house after your piano lesson. You know what they say, “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” Aren’t I proof enough?

    Mountain Mama

  2. Hi Jen, PInk braces? 🙄 I don’t know anything about California history. After you’ve studied it a bit, ask your mom if you can do a post about it as part of your work. That way you write an essay, and your readers get to learn something. Just a thought. 🙂

  3. 3 cltgrace

    Thanks for your comments, Jen & it’s sweet you have me on your blogring buddy list. Awwww…RYC: I was just looking at ms Natalie & Gracie together this weekend & thought they could be family; for sure, we feel like family. Please sing a round of Happy Birthday to your Grandma from me! From one ice cream lover to another~ bye for now

  4. Your Royal Pink Jenga Ice Cream Highness,

    Good thing you didn’t have that Sundae last night. You made up for it with all the cake and ice cream you had at my house. I love your pink rubberband braces, and I heard about your Christmas rubberband plans. Now what about the most important month in your life….November?
    I enjoyed singing with you and your Mama.

    Aunt Kiki

  5. mels diner in the city i love that place it is really good

  6. 6 Jen

    Hi Helen,

    Yep, PINK braces!!! LOL They actually look nice. It’s just the rubber bands that are pink…the actual brackets and wire are silver, I can’t change those. I was talking to my mom about California history stuff, and I might end up posting stuff as school assignments. Thanks!

    Carmen: You’re welcome about the blog list. 😀 Gracie looks more like family to Natalie than I do! Haha!

  7. How fun to get colored braces! I had braces when I was 12, but they didn’t offer colors waaaaay back then. 🙂 How long do you have to wear them?

    Have a great school day!

  8. 8 Jen

    Yeah they have colored rubberbands that they put around the brackets. It looks cool!!! I should only have to wear them about a year.

    Thanks, hopefully I will have a good schoolday.

    And Daniel, it was Mel’s Diner in Fairfield. I’ve never been to the one in the city!

  9. the one in the city was where i went i was goin to a giants game it was awesome

  10. Interesting. I’ll have to throw down a bookmark and check back.


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