I saw this joke in the Readers Digest, and though it was funny enough to share:


Pillsbury spokesman Pop N. Fresh died yesterday, at 71.  In attendance at the funeral were Mrs. Butterworth, the California Raisins, Hungry Jack, Better Crocker and the Hostess Twinkies.  Fresh rose quickly in the show buisness, but his career was filled with many turnovers.  He was not considered a smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes.  Still, even as a crusty old man, he was a roll model for millions.  Fresh is survived by his second wife.  They have two children and one in the oven.  The funeral was held at 3:50 for about 20 minutes.


2 Responses to “Funny!”

  1. I love it! I used to have refrigerator magnets of Pop N. Fresh and Poppy. I wonder if she was his second wife or his sister. I’d rather think his sister.

  2. I’ve seen this before, but it was good to see it again. 🙂

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