The New Pool


I know my Mom made a post about our new pool on her blog, but I wanted to do one too!  I got to go in with my brother for the first time yesterday.  It’s great!  We got some goggles, a    body board, and a boogie board to float on.  Sometimes we play Marco Polo, but we mostly play Shark and Fish.  The person that’s the shark, goes underwater with their eyes closed, and counts to 10.  When the Shark comes up from counting they still have to keep their eyes closed and try to find the fish.  Those are the other people playing the game, and they get to keep their eyes open of course.  It can get really funny when the Shark comes really close to a fish, and the fish is hoping the shark doesn’t get them. 


 In our old pool, we used to to crazy jumps off the ladder.  We can’t in this pool for now, because the ladder is bigger, and unstable, so until my Dad fixes it, we can’t do our crazy jumps.  But I’m thankful we got to get a pool!!! 


4 Responses to “The New Pool”

  1. It looks like so much fun, Jen, to say nothing of it being a great way to cool off.

  2. looks like fun it looks like an above ground pool and is it and how deep

  3. Jenga:

    Me and Uncle Tom love your pool. When can we come swim? Let’s make a big whirlpool and then go in the opposite direction.

    Aunt Kiki and Uncle Tom

  4. 4 Jen

    Thanks Aunt Kiki and Uncle Tom!

    I’ll have to throw you guys in one day….hehe

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