My Camp Meeting 2006 Report


Camp meeting.  It was so fun!  I almost wish I could go back.  We got back to our house Saturday evening.  I slept a lot on the way back.  We washed my sheets and bed spread when we got home, and I still fell alseep on my bed, practically sideways, with my day clothes on, and stuff all over my bed.  The light was on all night too.  But this week I guess I’ll be resting a lot more.  It was good to see so many friends.  This year, I was a helper at childrens church, which is held in a building on the Fairgrounds, not the same tent that the big church is held in.  I got a name badge, and helped sell tickets for childrens church.  We had to watch them, make sure they weren’t all going to the bathroom at the same time, help with snack afterwards, and then clean up.  The most important part was praying with the kids.  It’s exciting to see them receive God’s spirit (The holy ghost) for the very first time.  During the day, we would walk around, and hang out with friends.  There is what’s called an exhibit hall.  It was booths, and they sell all kinds of stuff….Books, candy, purses, stuff for womens hair, CDs, Suites, Tickets for childrens church, clothes, ect.  I made friends worth keeping from all over the place.  Visalia, Palm Springs, Modesto, and more people who I don’t know where they’re from.  It was neat to see Shirley Buxton again, and to meet Tena in person for the first time!  It seems like it’s here and then gone.  I can’t wait until West Coast Conference in Fresno, in November.  I’ll get to see everyone again.  And I almost wish the year would hurry so I could go to camp meeting again. 


7 Responses to “My Camp Meeting 2006 Report”

  1. sounds like u had losts of fun i wish i cud of met u all. well anyway have fun in november

  2. Hi Jen, It sounds like you had great time. I’m sure you are tired.

  3. It was a blast, wasn’t it? Now I’ve got three things to catch up on……….sleep, laundry and my online Spanish course I was supposed to finish last week!

  4. I agree. Camp was wonderful!

  5. hey jen i got ur e-mail i wud reply b ut my com[ wont let me i am srry

  6. 6 Jen

    I hate when computers act up…lol It’s okay! I know how it is. 😉

  7. i got ur other one and it sill doesnt work so i am srry but i dont think i can send email anymore ill have to use somebody elses comp

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