2,000 hits (If WordPress isn’t messing up)


I’m finally there, it the hits aren’t messed up again.  This blog is really a lot of fun, so thank you to everyone who made it fun!  Without all of you, it wouldn’t be much.  Keep on coming! 


8 Responses to “2,000 hits (If WordPress isn’t messing up)”

  1. 1 Tena

    CONGRATULATIONS! Maybe my turn will be next. Help me keep a lookout, Jen. But, first I need to get to 1,000.
    God bless you!

  2. Hi Jen. Not as much action with Daniel gone, is there? I think the stats are normal now. But you never know. 🙂

  3. 3 Tena

    I miss Daniel!

  4. 4 Jen

    Me too! I was near where he lives yesterday and I though about him. He’s a cool kid….kinda keeps blogging fun. 😀

  5. hey tena u dont have ta tena i am back yippy it waz so fun helen the action is back so and thanks jen my dears thanks i will be at ur blogs soon

  6. 6 Jen

    Yay!!! Blogging is funner when everyone is here!!!! I’ll have to read your new post when you get it up tomorrow. 😉 🙂 😀

  7. 7 misslionheart

    Thanks for your visit, Jen. The ‘Bald’ blog is a farce….I’m waiting for a telephone call from my Sister!! 🙄

  8. 8 Tena

    Jen! That is AWESOME about your revival and your neighbor getting the Holy Ghost! Praise God! It sounds like your church is on a roll. Keep rolling for Jesus, Jen!
    Love you!
    P.S. This is in response to your comment on my site.

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