…But thanks for coming anyways



We had good church tonight with evangelist Bro. Randy Fries (pronouced like freeze) and family.  It’s the first night of revival for our church.  He has 2 little girls.  After church, they came over to our house.  The oldest daughter, (four years old) was jumping on my bed!  Ha!  She started messing around with the phone.  After pushing some buttons, she held out the phone, and said, “Policeman!”  I hung up the phone and asked her what she dialed.  “911,” she said innocently.  ‘Oh no,’ I thought, but nothing happened….until about 20 minutes later, when there was a knock on the door.  I opened it, and a huge policeman was standing at the door, with another one behind him.  “Someone called from here.  Everything okay?”  I started to try to explain, but instead ran for the young girl’s mom.  She went and explained everything to him.  She made the little girl come see the policemen, so she would know what she had done by dialing “911” for no reason.  She whimpered at the top of the stairs.  The policemen were nice about it, and I’m sure she learned her lesson.  Her mom talked to her about what 911 was really for.  She looked at me, and said with a sad face, “I just need someone to hold me.”  She’s adorable.  It’s a good thing to teach little kids about 911 and what it’s really for.  Thank God for people that are willing to come when we call 911 and for a God that answers when we call on His name.


5 Responses to “…But thanks for coming anyways”

  1. Yes, Jen. Indeed, we should be thankful both for those who provide for our safety on earth and God, who has our eternal safety in mind. Yesterday I talked to my mom in Missouri, who told me about my brother and sister-in-law’s grandson (my mom’s great-grandson). The boy is about 15 months old, and his grandparents kept him for a week while his parents were at youth camp. (My nephew is a youth pastor.) Andrew is just beginning his nightly paryers. He listens, while someone else prays, of course. My brother said, “God, thank you for this day. We love you, Jesus.” And then, Andrew blew Jesus a kiss. Lessons about 911 and more imporatnt lessons need to begin early in life.

  2. 2 Tena

    That’s a funny story. It’s not good but, funny. She sounds like an energetic little girI! I bet a lot of kids do that.

    I pray God blesses the rest of your revival with souls being saved and saints being blessed!

  3. Before the days of 911 (I reckon I’m showing my age, here) as a young teenage, I was babysitting a very precocious little boy, who found mischief everywhere he looked. One time, he handed me the telephone, and the person on the other end was trying to ask a question (I believe), but I could not understand the language they were using. I felt bad, but had to hang up on them. Soon after that, I decided that I was no match for this little infidel, and resigned my position. I often wonder what he is up to nowadays.

    I’m glad that your 911 incident was not the debacle that it could have been. Thank God.

  4. 4 Larry

    Ahh the follies of 911. The great thing is, she knew about 911 to call it. We always hear of some little tyke saving somone because she knew how to call. Congrats on your 2000th hit!


  5. 5 misslionheart

    Congrats on your 1,000 hits! When we lived in England, my eldest daughter called the police twice. The number there is 999 so easier to dial. On one of those occasions, my friend, who works at the police station, recognised the number and called the house. My daughter answered the phone, and my friend asked for my daughter personally which scared the life out of her! 😆

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