What’s going on?


My blog hits are going crazy, and it seems that everyone elses on wordpress is too.  I had 37 hits yesterday, and my mom had 13.  Then it’s back up to the thousands today.  I really don’t know where I’m at with all this….does anyone know what is going on?


7 Responses to “What’s going on?”

  1. 1 Carol

    I know you’ve heard the expression before that “life has its ups and downs.” Well, I think blog stats have their ups and downs too. Not to worry though. Keep writing things worth reading, and people will continue to read your blog.


    Birthday Girl #1

  2. yeah it happend to me too idk about that either

  3. 3 Jen

    Yeah, it’s pretty weird….whatever…I guess we can’t have an honest race then, if they keep messing up with the hits. 😦

  4. lol yeah u r catching up though

  5. 5 Jen

    That’s just it! I don’t know where I really am in hits….they might be messed up. lol

  6. yup i hope i get more hits on this one post i rote come check it out

  7. 7 Jen

    I did, I commented too!

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