1,000 Hits!


I finally got it!!  Yesss!  Again, thanks everyone for visiting so often.  I’m having a lot of fun with this.  And I’m slowly catching up to Daniel on his hits!  😉


23 Responses to “1,000 Hits!”

  1. slowly is to harsh of a word i say it is skill that is catching up good job dear

  2. 2 Jen

    lol It’s probably Helen visiting all the time! She’s so cool!! And you visiting all the time too!!! You’re cool too! And I don’t know if I can really catch up with you.

  3. u can u r only 6 hundred behind u can do it no prob

  4. 4 Jen

    Yeah but you keep getting hits too….it’s like a slow motion race or something.

  5. 5 Jen


  6. 6 Jen

    It’s not working!!!! Grrr…lol

  7. 7 Jen

    It’s not working!!!! Grrr…lol Dumb smiley faces…

  8. lol lets c if mine works 😉

  9. hahah mine worked

  10. 10 Bovvy


    You’re SLAYING that Daniel kid in hits! Keep it up. Make us proud.


  11. she is not slaying me ok she might be slaying me but still she has not passed me yet so ha

  12. Hi Jen. Hi Daniel. (I know you hang out here a lot.) I’m glad you two are having so much fun.

  13. 13 Jen

    UB you make me laugh so hard. Daniel my uncle is just messing around with you! I’m not slaying you… Hi Helen! Daniel and I always try to get different smiley faces to work, but a lot of them don’t. Ha!

  14. 14 Bovvy

    I told everyone at work that I hit my niece and I encourage them to do so, too, but they looked at me funny. I’d like to hit Daniel at least once, too, but that wouldn’t help out “the cause” now, would it?

  15. well i have another 1 for ya =)

  16. darn lol o well

  17. 17 Jen

    Well thanks for hitting me UB. You can hit Daniel if you want to! lol But don’t hit him to much….just kidding. And Daniel, that would have been a really cool smiley face IF it worked! haha

  18. 19 misslionheart


  19. HIT!!!!!? what is that suposed to mean

  20. She was hitting me by coming to my blog….lol Thanks, Clare.

  21. Congratulations! You have a great following for a reason. Keep it up. I think your next thousand will come even quicker.


  22. Thanks, Larry. I would comment on your blog, but I think I have to be a member of blogspot to do so. It won’t let me….but thank you for coming to mine!!

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