Back home to the heat: Part 2


Again, I know!  I was back up in Santa Maria this past week for Bible quizzing senior finals.  After not winning one match before, and starting in the middle of the year, we tied for 5th place, and we almost made it to 4th place, but lost by ONE question. That round was one of the trophy rounds.  It was cool,  and people were surprised at our big turn around.  It was like we just started getting the hang of it, and did really good.  I ended up tying for 6th place individual high scorer, with another girl from Sacramento.  I LOVE Bible quizzing.  It has really changed me.  It’s one of the best things anyone could ever get involved in.  Through this, I have met kids from all different cities in California….Sacramento, Modesto, Shingle Springs, Perris, Visalia, Redding, Concord, Manteca, Redlands…’s been cool.  There’s kids from a lot of other places too.  I think the church in Petaluma wants to start too.  At the finals, they had a banquet, and awards ceremony.  It was really fun!!  Afterwards, we went to the beach, the same place we went last time.  And like I said, we are now back home to heat.  I can’t wait until the fall, when Bible quizzing starts again.


4 Responses to “Back home to the heat: Part 2”

  1. congrats on that i read that on ur moms blog. i hope u do better in the fall

  2. Thanks Daniel…this is really weird…I thought I remembered replying to this, but it looks like I didn’t. 😀

  3. 3 Bovvy

    Kinda cool to see the niece and nephew folk quizzing up a storm this year. Time for the next generation to suffer the quaking stomach, racing heart, and sweaty pits! Very proud of all y’all.

    Who’s yo’ favorite?

  4. You crack me up…I was laughing at your comment. Can’t wait to see you again. You need to come back to Cali when you can! And uh…about the favorite thing….I can’t pick! 😀

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