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Bracing myself


Finally.  I got them on.  Monday was the big day for me to get my braces, and I’m FINALLY starting to get used to them.  I haven’t got them on the bottom yet.  Fortunantly, I only have to have them for a year, maybe less.  I’m happy to have gotten them though.  And now, I […]

I’m going to Yosemite National Park today, and will be there tomorrow too…But I hope you all keep visiting my page anyhow!  I just got braces yesterday, and after this trip, I’ll have both things to write about.  Talk to all of my blogging friends soon!!!

I’m finally there, it the hits aren’t messed up again.  This blog is really a lot of fun, so thank you to everyone who made it fun!  Without all of you, it wouldn’t be much.  Keep on coming! 

We had good church tonight with evangelist Bro. Randy Fries (pronouced like freeze) and family.  It’s the first night of revival for our church.  He has 2 little girls.  After church, they came over to our house.  The oldest daughter, (four years old) was jumping on my bed!  Ha!  She started messing around with the phone.  […]

New Blogs


Hey Everyone!  Check a few of the newest blogs I have on my blogroll.  Like: MY B.Q. Coaches blog Tena’s Blog  Becky’s blog Misslionheart Because when you first start a blog, it’s like putting up a nice billboard in the middle of the dessert, and these are some good blogs…!  And Tena’s blog is getting a lot […]



  Prayer is a powerful thing, but often we forget.  We try to handle things all ourselves, which only gets us into more trouble.  We should always take our problems to God in prayer.  3 1/2 years ago, we left the church I grew up in, and moved to another city, where God was calling us […]

My blog hits are going crazy, and it seems that everyone elses on wordpress is too.  I had 37 hits yesterday, and my mom had 13.  Then it’s back up to the thousands today.  I really don’t know where I’m at with all this….does anyone know what is going on?